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Perodua ALZA (W150) Rear Anti-roll Bar

RM 540.00

SUPERCIRCUIT 2022 PERODUA ALZA (D27A, Alza Gen2/ Alza Mk2/ Alza baru) Rear Anti-roll Bar.

  • Specially developed to improve from the existing factory stock rear anti-roll bar.
  • Helps in minimizing vehicle body rolling for a more confidence and stable cornering.
  • Made of 19mm solid spring steel for DYNAMIC DRIVING and SPEEDY RECOVERY after exiting corners.
  • Fully compatible with the Perodua ALZA (D27A)'s original rear torsion-beam suspension system. No mod is required, just direct bolt-on.
  • Industrial grade heavy duty MATTE BLACK coating is durable, it is stylish and with professional appearance at the undercarriage of the Perodua ALZA baru (D27A)!

For optimum Perodua ALZA (W150) chassis strength, match the above with the SUPERCIRCUIT 2022 PERODUA ALZA (W150) FRONT STRUT BAR, FRONT LOWER BRACE, MID CHASSIS BRACE, REAR LOWER BAR & SIDE CHASSIS BRACE.

Perodua Alza Mk2 D27A Chassis Bars (b)