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Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S Rear Lower Bar

RM 320.00

SUPERCIRCUIT SUZUKI SWIFT SPORT (2018~, ZC33S) Rear Lower Bar (4-point).

  • Designed to strengthen the mid-rear section of the vehicle's chassis, so the front and rear section of the chassis synchronizes during high speed lane change or cornering.
  • 4 mounting points design effectively minimizes rear-middle chassis flex and to allow a more precised maneuvering in and out of corners.
  • Engineered and manufactured with great details for optimum durability and structural integrity.
  • Significantly reducing the rear swaying effect while overtaking or lane changing maneuvering. 
  • Finished in our signature MATTE BLACK industrial grade heavy duty coating, it is just simply professional and original at the undercarriage!

For optimum chassis strengthening, also install the SUPERCIRCUIT FRONT STRUT BAR, FRONT UNDER BAR, FRONT LOWER BRACE and REAR ANTI-ROLL BAR specially developed for the Suzuki Swift Sport 1.4T Booster Jet (ZC33S).