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Toyota Yaris Hatchback (2017~, XP150) Front Strut Bar

RM 260.00

SUPERCIRCUIT TOYOTA YARIS Hatchback (2017-present, XP150) Front Strut Bar/ Front Tower Brace.

  • Strengthen the front upper chassis for lesser front chassis flex.
  • Brackets are made with laser cut technique for precised fitment.
  • Stronger brackets at both sides which are made by v-bending manufacturing technique, so lesser welding lines to avoid weak point or possibility of cracking.
  • Industrial grade MATTE BLACK scratch resistance coating is durable and nice. It matched well with the rest of the components at the engine bay for a professional and stylish appearance.

For optimum chassis strengthening of the Toyota Yaris Hatchback, also install the FRONT LOWER BAR, FRONT LOWER BRACE (4-point), MID CHASSIS BRACE and REAR LOWER BAR.